Testimonials and Reviews

Alicia Silverstone – Model, Actress, Vegan Activist – “..Found a new deodorant that smells nice and works great! Thanks ..”


“The Foot Salve keeps your feet looking like you have a fresh pedicure everyday. The salve is made of unrefined butters, coconut oil, magnesium flakes and essentials oils, which pamper your feet and nourish your skin. The formula is rich, so a little pea-sized amount goes a long way, or you can apply a generous amount and wear socks for a deep moisturizing overnight foot treatment.”


Hipster Henry “The Parent’s Guide to Philadelphia - “You know that part in yoga at the end of the class when you are laying flat on the ground and your instructor comes over and gives you a massage and rubs your forehead with that magical calming oil….that is exactly what Sona Organics reminds me of. The lavender is not overpowering and is what gives it that little zen touch. The consistency is creamy and then disappears into your skin without being greasy. It is a lot of lux without any of the toxic stuff.”


“Sona Organics Baby Cream is one of the few products I recommend for use on babies. It will soften and moisturize skin without questionable ingredients and a little goes a long way. It’s great for older children and adults, too. I highly recommend this product. Sincerely,

Donna Fountaine, Owner First 5 Faves ”


Keliee – Teenage Blogger “…speaking with all honesty, of all the expensive EOS lip balms, fancy chapsticks, and high brand lip care I've collected in the years, nothing has ever struck home more than this simple and natural homemade lip balm. …