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A simple, natural, facial to leave your skin glowing! March 14 2016

We’re rained out in New Orleans today. So with an extra day to relax and catch up with the family, it also gives us a few minutes to pamper ourselves. Here’s a very simple facemask, we use regularly that cleanses and makes your face glow



         1-2 tablespoons of chickpea flour   


         ½ teaspoon of wild turmeric powder

 (Wild turmeric or Aromatic turmeric is generally used for cosmetic purposes. It has great anti bacterial properties. It is different from regular turmeric because it does not stain the skin yellow.)

If you don’t have it, you can use regular turmeric powder – just be careful not to stain your towel / clothes /white tiles

         Yogurt or cream to make a paste (you could use water instead)

Wash your face with warm water and pat dry. Gently apply the paste. We like to put it on a little thick (which means it will take longer to dry but it is worth it.) You will feel your skin tightening as it dries!  


Once the mask has completely dried – typically takes about 30 mins - use warm water and a wash cloth (for extra exfoliation) and gently scrub off the dried mask. For first timers, be gentle with this process.  Pat your face dry and it will be glowing. 30 minutes of pampering and you’ll look like you had a super long expensive facial!


Enjoy and relax! 

New Year Resolutions January 16 2016

Hello 2016!!

Many of us have thought about making resolutions or stating goals that we want to achieve in 2016 – from eating better, saving more, enjoying time with family or finishing that book (in my case, reading it!). How many of us decided that we were going to take better care of our skin?


We first notice our skin in our tween years when someone comments on either the color or birth mark. In our teens, we fret over acne, freckles, unwanted hair, and use various teen magazines, YouTube videos, various blogs as guide gurus for our skin care. In our 20s, we start to spend what we earn on various types of creams and serums and continue down that path for almost the rest of our lives.

Both our mothers (who are sisters) have never worn make up. The wedding photographs show us they wore eyeliner and henna on their hands. That was it. As teenagers, we went through the acne cycles which were just a way of life and I remember being terrified when I bought my first lipstick at 17– I could not decide if I wanted pink or red!

When our children were born, our mothers would share stories of how our grandmother cared for us and we wanted our children to experience the same things – so we made eyeliner at home (it doesn’t sting like commercial eye liner for babies), and learned oil massages to get the muscles stronger and more supple, for think silky hair, etc. And then we started to pay attention to our own skin – how many hundreds of dollars do we spend on “skin care” that we should at least learn more about.  

The skin is our biggest organ. And we should stop taking it for granted. So our goal for 2016 is this: to raise awareness of what we put on our skin. Yes, our products are 100% chemical free. But you don’t have to use just our products (we would be awfully thrilled if you did!) – just pay attention to what you are putting on your skin. There is a lot of debate and discussion as to whether chemicals can be absorbed through the skin – do we really need to take a chance?

So over the next 12 months, we will share our perspective on raising awareness about skincare. Whether it is a DIY lip scrub for soft lips during the dead of winter or the latest discussion surrounding skin care.

Please join us on this journey!

Anu & Dhivya